Our Story

Kirana Digital is a bootstrapped startup focused on empowering the 13 million Kirana Store owners of India through the introduction of IoT in the process of traditional Grocery retail. Hereby, acting as an aggregator for all the Kirana stores in an area. We are launching soon in South Delhi.

The small merchants ecosystem in India comprises of a whooping 90% of the total Groceries Retail market share. These merchants add immense value to the overall economy and most importantly in fulfilling the every day needs of the population. Despite this, they hardly get any recognition in the market and due to the crowded nature of the market, can’t make desired profits. To make things worse, the emergence of Quick commerce/Instant grocery delivery companies, the Kirana stores have started experiencing low order values, decrease in repeat customers, less bulk orders to name a few.

To overcome the negative impact of Q-commerce companies and at the same time, providing the convenience of ordering from their smartphone to the customers, and identity to the small business owners, Kirana Digital was born

Looking for passionate problem solvers to join us in this mission and take it to the next level. For checking out relevant openings, please check our LinkedIn.

Write to us: hello@kiranadigital.com